Join us for these events in 2023!

As 2022 has come to a close, we look forward into 2023 with high ambition and growth expectations. If you would like to discuss new projects or innovations, our sales team will be present at these events throughout 2023.

You are always welcome to contact us at, or one of our first points of contact, if you want to book a meeting or you have other inquiries.
We are looking forward to seeing you in 2023!

Meet Bjarke, our Service Coordinator!

Let us introduce our Service Coordinator Bjarke Kristensen. Bjarke joined a newly established position as Service Coordinator this summer and has already been in contact with several customers coordinating planned service as well as spare part and consumable sales. Bjarke is part of the PVD systems sales team and will be first point of contact for all related to service and maintenance, spare parts, and consumables.

Bjarke has experience within service and mechanical engineering of machinery which has given him a great technical basis. Combined with experience in production management he is ready to expand his expertise and bring the service business at Polyteknik AS to the next level.

“Generally I have a passion for DIY projects – everything from small to big projects. I love getting hands-on experience, especially in fields like mechanics and technology. I am very excited to be able to work with my personal interests on a professional level. On a Sunday you would find me working on my latest project, or enjoying an afternoon with my kids.”

We have enjoyed having Bjarke on board, and are excited to see him grow as a colleague here at Polyteknik AS.

Free vouchers for SEMICON EUROPA 2022!

Join us at SEMICON EUROPA 2022 in Münich 15-18 November! Themed Chips Powering the Data Age ­–underlines the importance of having a strong semiconductor industry – also in Europe – as it will continue to play an even more significant role in our everyday life in the future.

With a collaborative and innovative approach, we are ready to discuss how our FLEXTURA® 200 and FLEXTURA®300 Cluster platforms can match your PVD thin film needs and challenges now and in the future.

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Get to know our PhD researcher, Matilde!

Matilde Kammer Sandager has been working as our PhD student since summer 2021, coming directly from her Master’s degree in Physics from Aalborg University.

“Hi everyone! My name is Matilde Kammer Sandager, and I am currently working as a PhD researcher for Polyteknik AS. I received a Master’s degree in Physics from Aalborg University in summer 2021, where I have made several projects for Polyteknik examining various thin film parameters. The expertise I acquired from my Master’s degree gave me excellent skills to continue working as a PhD researcher. My project concerns addressing the challenges related to production of high-quality metal-nitride thin films, especially AlN, AlScN, and TiN, used in the development of more effective power electronic devices.

We are investigating how individual sputtering parameters influence the growth mechanisms of metal-nitrides through a thorough characterization of samples produced under different sputtering conditions. Characterization methods include SEM, XRD, AFM, profilometry, SIMS, and ellipsometry, each providing unique information about the produced film. Our goal is to establish recipes for producing each material using the Flextura system, which can guarantee that we meet demands for both high quality films and production efficiency. I am grateful that Polyteknik decided to choose me as their PhD researcher, and I cannot wait to produce more well-founded research for them.”

Matilde will be present at PSE 2022 in Erfurt, where she will be presenting her work at the exhibition.

Meet us at these events 2022!

2021 was a prosperous year for Polyteknik AS, and we’re looking forward to an even better year in 2022! To catch up with news about our industry, meet us at one of these technical events throughout 2022:

You are always welcome to contact us at, or one of our first points of contact, if you want to book a meeting or you have other inquiries.
We are looking forward to seeing you in 2022!

New members join Polyteknik engineering team

In the process of going from order to product, a lot of work is required by the teams behind the scenes. As business is expanding, Polyteknik AS hired three new employees in the process development and mechanical engineering department around summer – all three now fully integrated in the business.

Meet Hans Christian Bonde and Mads Bjerring! They have both graduated from Aalborg University with master degrees in physics, where they worked with research in several thin film materials and nanostructures. As their main projects have involved physical deposition and characterisation of thin films, and their previous projects were written in collaboration with Polyteknik AS, it seemed only natural to welcome them both to the process development team. Mads and Hans Christian will work with software development on PVD systems, improving existing systems, and developing new production processes for customers.

In the mechanical engineering department, we welcome Wilco Dekker as the newest addition. With more than 15 years of experience in designing different machines in various companies in The Netherlands, Wilco has experience that perfectly coincides with the work of Polyteknik AS. “I am very excited to work for such a highly interesting company as Polyteknik. They have welcomed me with open arms, and I am excited to contribute with my previous experience” says Wilco.

It is always a pleasure welcoming new people on board and we are looking forward to seeing where our three new employees will take us!

Wilco (left), Hans Christian (middle), and Mads (right).

Meet the newest addition to the sales department!

Polyteknik AS has expanded extensively, and with that follows new employees. Meet Tami Israeli, our newest addition to the sales team. Tami will be working as a Product Specialist in PVD systems, and will be one of the first points of contact for PVD systems, service/repair, and consumables.

Tami studied a masters in Nanobiotechnology at Aalborg University with focus on projects in nanofabrication. Having experience from working with projects concerning microfluidic devices to nanoelectrodes, and in customer relations and sales, Tami has perfect skills to take part in the sales efforts at Polyteknik AS.

We have ambitious growth expectations, and the addition of Tami will further strengthen the realization of that ambition. With her highly skilled technical background she is in an excellent position to understand our customers challenges and requirements and solve these with the knowledge and expertise from the rest of the Polyteknik AS teams.

“We are thrilled to have such a young and ambitious member on our team. Tami has great potential for contributing with her knowledge on PVD processes, and we are very pleased have her on board” stated Jens William Larsen, Director and Owner of Polyteknik AS. Tami will be present at SEMICON Europa 2021 in Münich, ready to meet the market.

Meet us at SEMICON Europa 2021 – Get a free voucher here!

Polyteknik AS is ready to attend Europe’s strongest single event for electronics manufacturing! After a long period of digital events and meetings, we are looking forward to physically attending the SEMICON Europa 2021 exhibition. We are ready to see both new and existing customers and relations.  

Visit us at booth B1800 for a refreshment and a discussion about PVD systems and some of our latest developments such as:  

  • M600 GLAD Module – Glancing angle deposition by E-beam evaporation in a fully automated CMOS compatible tool for processing of up to 200mm wafers from cassette  
  • M500 EPI Module – Epitaxial growth sputtering module  
  • Proven low stress & highly c-axis oriented AlN process  
  • A large parameter room for new materials with substrate temperatures up to 1000°C  
  • M700 LS Module – Superior sheet resistance uniformities for metal oxides & nitrides  

Click here to contact us so you can receive your free voucher containing entrance for the SEMICON Europa 2021 exhibition!   

See you in Münich on the 16-19th of November!

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