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Flextura PVD system sputter batch module Polyteknik AS


The Flextura Sputter module is a sputtering system originally designed with flexibility and medium volume sputtering processes in mind, meaning multiple smaller targets to limit the capital binding in noble target materials. The typical application could be as a batch process, but the compatibility with the Flextura Cluster platform also opens up for upgrading to a fully automated cassette-to-cassette operation following an increasing need of capacity.

With every Flextura module, it is possible to customise substrate loading. Choose from a batch system, single substrate loading, custom or standard cassette loading, or attach your module to a fully automated cluster system. Let your manufacturing facility grow with your capital investment in the easiest possible way.

Sputter processes

The Flextura Sputter modules can be equipped with single or multiple magnetrons for direct planar or confocal sputtering. Whether you need standard metallisation or complex reactive sputtering processes – we have the experience to guide you towards the best solution.

  • Direct planar sputter module
  • Confocal sputtering
    • Multiple magnetrons
    • Multilayers in one module
    • Co-sputtering
  • Linear sputtering
    • Single or dual magnetrons
    • Planar or rotatable setup
  • HiPIMS sputtering module
    • High aspect ratio metallisation
    • Layer property tuning
  • DC, pDC, and RF, Bipolar magnetron sputtering
  • Reactive and nonreactive sputtering

System highlights

The Flextura Sputter module enables high quality and high uniformity layers of metals and dielectrics.  The systems can support up to 200mm wafers and can be configured with several RF and/or DC magnetron sources in several system configurations like planar or confocal sputtering. 

  • Very small footprint and a clean design
  • Fully automated process control with advanced data logging
  • Strong reliable 24/7 production tools
  • SECS/GEM option


You can run the Flextura module as a batch system, with a single substrate load lock, or plug it into our Flextura Cluster platform. In other words, you can start from a highly flexible standalone system, and later add additional processes and analytics to bring your thin film research to new heights. Save valuable clean room space and automate your deposition processes without compromising flexibility. 

Prefer independent deposition systems, then the Flextura PVD module in combination with a single substrate load lock is a great versatile high quality tool.

Batch system

PVD process batch module Polyteknik AS PVD system sputter

Single substrate loading

Sputter process single substrate loading module Polyteknik AS PVD system

Cassette loading

Sputter process cassette loading module Polyteknik AS PVD system

Cluster system

Sputter process cluster system Polyteknik AS PVD system

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