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Polyteknik AS PVD System Thin Film coating service Reflector And Mirror Coatings


Reflective and mirror coatings are used e.g. to minimise losses while reflecting different light sources or to facilitate radiation sensitivity. These types of coatings are used in many industries, varying from sensors to satellites.  We produce highly reflective and mirror coatings with aluminium, gold, silver, or other less common materials, like rhodium. The coating itself is manufactured by a sputtering PVD-process and optical properties are measured and controlled by advanced in-house FTIR equipment, to ensure the highest quality. In order to prevent ageing and oxidisation of our coatings, we can provide a protective top layer, which ensures outstanding ageing properties.



The Ref0013 coating is an aluminium based high reflective coating combined with a protective ceramic top coating, which has shown excellent properties in the industry of stage and architectural lighting. Metal films are widely used for reflector surfaces.

The aluminium layer provides high reflection across the visible spectrum while the added transparent ceramic top layer adds outstanding performance in reflective capabilities at elevated temperatures. Aluminium can be used as both front-surface or back-surface reflector which is often overcoated with a protective polymer film.

  • High reflection (+85%) across the visible spectrum
  • Continuous operation at 200°C (392°F) reflector temperature
  • Capability to withstand environmental impact from theatrical fog (artificial smoke)
  • Very good adhesion can be obtained with metallic reflector substrates


The Ref 0047 coating is a silver-based high reflective coating, combined with a protective ceramic top coating. This type of coating has excellent ageing properties and extremely high reflectivity in the visible and infrared spectrum. We have experience with adhering protected silver-coatings to substrates ranging from plastic and ceramics to metals.

Polyteknik AS has, among other science projects, delivered protected silver coated mirrors to the Paranal Observatory which is facilitated and operated by the European Southern Observatory. The Paranal Observatory consists of four unit telescopes with main mirrors of 8.2m diameter and four mobile 1.8m diameter auxiliary telescopes.

  • Extremely high reflection (>98%) across visible and infrared spectrum
  • Protective ceramic top coating prevents ageing and oxidation
  • Excellent experience with adhering silver coatings to various substrate materials


The Ref0079 coating is a gold-based thin film high-reflective mirror coating with excellent ageing properties, capable of withstanding ambient conditions, such as humid climate and air pollution.

Optical gas sensor devices are often built from injection-moulded thermoplastics where the chamber walls of the sensor are deposited with either gold, silver, aluminium, nickel or copper.

While aluminium has at least 94% reflectivity at wavelengths above 1000 nm, gold and silver have at least 98% reflectivity at wavelengths above 800 nm.

Gold coatings are mainly used for infrared coatings, displaying extremely high reflectivity in the infrared spectrum, and is often chosen over silver coatings as often no protective coating is needed. 

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