• Evaporation module with an e-beam evaporator and a shutter Polyteknik AS PVD system


Flextura evaporator batch module with control cabinet Polyteknik AS PVD system


The Flextura Evaporator is an evaporation system that covers a range of evaporation processes and combinations thereof including e-beam, resistive evaporation as well as ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD). Though not well known as a process in connection with a cluster tool, the Flextura evaporation modules can be connected to the Flextura Cluster platform for single substrate processing of advanced processes like high temperature epitaxial growth (still mainly R&D), or production of GLAD films – directly from cassette.

The Evaporator modules are perfect for very high uniformity depositions in SAW/BAW devices, metallisation processes in semiconductor, LED and MEMS production as well as deposition of metals and dielectrics in optoelectronics. Extended throw option for high volume lift-off processes.


Evaporation processes

Polyteknik has delivered variously sized evaporation systems for both high-end industry and university R&D. A combination of highly skilled process, software and mechanical engineers secures you the most optimum evaporation solution, including: 

  • E-beam evaporation
  • Thermal evaporation
  • Glancing angle deposition (GLAD)
  • Ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD)

World leading Glancing Angle Deposition system

The Flextura 200 GLAD module is a production proven glancing angle evaporation module for industry scale volumes. You can load .csv files (function) with coordinates for angle and rotation in steps of 0.1s, which almost leaves it to the imagination of the user to decide the complexity of the motion.  

The module is compatible with standard top-down processes due to the smart design of the GLAD substrate stage/chuck. ESC with backside gas cooling is a useful option already implemented.


You can run the Flextura module as a batch system, with a single substrate load lock, cassette load lock, or plug it into our Flextura Cluster platform. In other words, you can start from a highly flexible standalone system, and later add additional processes and analytics to bring your thin film research to new heights. Save valuable clean room space and automate your deposition processes without compromising flexibility.

Prefer independent deposition systems, then the Flextura PVD modules in combination with a single substrate load lock are a great versatile high quality tool.

Batch system

PVD process batch module

Single substrate loading

PVD process single substrate loading module

Cassette loading

PVD process cassette loading module

Cluster system

PVD process cluster system Polyteknik AS PVD system

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