• Polyteknik AS Transfer system with robot arm holding a wafer in a PVD cluster


    The most flexible 200mm platform

Flextura PVD cluster machine Polyteknik AS Transfer system with robot arm holding a wafer in a PVD cluster tool


The Flextura 200 Cluster platform is probably the most flexible 200mm cluster tool available. It is truly almost Plug&Play and you may add process modules as your need for capacity or new processes increase.

Proven reliable wafer handling by Brooks MAG LEAP robot, cassette-to-cassette processing – SEMI standard cassette or custom cassette for even more flexibility.

The Flextura way of thinking is giving you the possibility to let the capital investment follow the increasing demands of your facility.



  • Process frame for epitaxial growth of thin films at elevated temperatures up to 1000°C
  • Glancing angle deposition on wafers in volume production
  • Dynamic in-situ feedback control by PEM or RGA in reactive sputtering
  • Electrostatic chuck (ESC) with backside gas for substrate cooling or heating, RF/DC bias option
  • P-chuck – pneumatic chuck with edge clamp
  • Remote Plasma Sputtering technology
  • SECS/GEM, Direct SQL server logging
  • Market leading process software technology for accurate real time control of deposition
  • Bridge tool – from R&D to 200mm wafers – standard SEMI or custom cassette 


The Magnetron Sputtering modules of the Flextura PVD platform handles sputtering processes from well-known standard metallisation or electrode layers to reactive sputtering of highly c-axis oriented and low stress AlN, TCO’s or even ternary alloys.

  • Direct planar sputter module
  • Confocal sputtering
    • Multiple magnetrons
    • Multilayers in one module
    • Co-sputtering
  • Linear sputtering
    • Single or dual magnetrons
    • Planar or rotatable setup
  • HiPIMS sputtering module
    • High aspect ratio metallisation
    • Layer property tuning
  • DC, pDC, and RF, Bipolar magnetron sputtering
  • Reactive and nonreactive sputtering


The Flextura GLAD module is a production proven glancing angle evaporation module for industry scale volumes with fully automated substrate handling from cassette. Fully compatible with standard top-down processing ensuring fast and direct integration with complementary processes like degas, etch or sputtering.

  • Proven up to 200 mm diameter substrates
  • Rotation: 0-40 rpm, tilt: 0-180°, resolution 0.1°
  • GLAD stage with water cooling, ESC, or pneumatic chuck
  • Special ebeam crucible with 12x60cc pockets
  • Automatic pellet feeder option
  • Low base pressure <5E-8 mbar
  • SECS/GEM, MES direct SQL server logging

Proof of concept or contract R&D available for 100 mm!


Substrate degas or pre-clean can be essential for your process or essential for your throughput.

  • Hot chuck degas or quartz lamp modules
  • RF Etch Module
  • ICP soft etch module


The Evaporation modules covers a range of evaporation processes and combinations of these including e-beam, thermal evaporation, resistive evaporation, as well as ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD).

Though not well known as a process in connection with a cluster tool, the Flextura evaporation modules can be connected to the Flextura Cluster platform for single substrate processing of advanced processes like high temperature epitaxial growth (still mainly R&D), or volume production of GLAD films – directly from cassette.

  • Compatible with top-down  as well as bottom-up processing
  • CMOS compatible

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