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Polyteknik AS is a PVD equipment manufacturer with an innovative and best service approach. With more than 25 years in business, a global reference list, and an excellent platform of technology, Polyteknik AS has turned to be an appreciated partner in the thin film industry.

We are the best choice for you, when your thin film matters.

Strive to achieve the best service

Assembling PVD machines is not the only thing we do at Polyteknik AS. Here we strive to meet our customers’ needs and demands through highly qualified personnel – and make positive agreements. Delivering exceptional products and providing quality services with end-to-end support is at the core of our company. The ambition is to be a reliable partner in all aspects of co-operations. Our in-house advanced equipment for PVD thin film deposition, our advanced characterization facility, our cleanroom facility and our committed and highly skilled team bring our customers added value and solutions to their thin film needs in a safe and competitive manner.

History of Polyteknik AS

Director and Owner, Jens William Larsen (M.Sc.) founded Polyteknik AS in 1995. During the years, we have grown from being a local oriented supplier of thin film deposition service, to an internationally working supplier of PVD systems and services. Thin film coating service was the basis on which Polyteknik AS was founded and from 2006 the PVD equipment manufacturing was taken on as well. The main activities since then have been related to equipment manufacturing and the efforts to further develop the know-how and technology platforms.


The portfolio of platform systems ranges from small scale R&D to high volume or large area deposition systems. Polyteknik AS covers several deposition processes including sputtering, evaporation, and varieties of these. At Polyteknik AS you will meet a dedicated team interested in a strong co-operation towards the best solution. We offer both standard systems and joint customer developed systems for specific purposes.

Polyteknik AS has various industrial coating equipment installed for daily subcontract coating. The Coating Service division has more than 10 different variations of in-house PVD systems. This enables us to present proof of the concepts of wafer, 3D objects or even roll-to-roll, which is essential for non-standard coatings. In addition, the daily production within Polyteknik is also focused on delivering electrode and EMI coatings in volume production. To read more about our manufacturing facilities, click here.

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