• Research and development flextura cluster system with analysis module attached


    Advanced thin film production

Research and development sputtering and evaporation cluster system Polyteknik AS PVD system cluster thin film


The Flextura R&D Cluster is a truly unique research and development platform with a base of the best and most reliable industrial components topped with options for the latest deposition processes in combination with advanced analysis of thin film. It is unveiling a new way of modular thinking for PVD systems. From a single chamber with evaporation or sputtering processes as a standalone system to an efficient research and development cluster tool with multiple advanced processes.

Bottom line – The Flextura R&D Cluster platform delivers advanced thin film research results faster by automated deposition and to some extent automated analysis results for the researcher who will have more time to interpret results, write articles and optimise or find our next wonder material!


Process Modules

  • High temperature deposition chamber up to 1000 deg C
    • Increased layer quality
    • Epitaxial growth
  • HiPIMS sputtering (highly ionised) chamber
    • High aspect ratio metallisation
    • Layer property tuning
  • Direct magnetron sputtering (DC, RF and pDC)
  • Multi-magnetron chamber (Co-sputtering)
  • Ebeam evaporation
  • RF/ICP etch, degass, cooling, alignment station
  • Single wafer or batch processing directly cassette-to-cassette

Special Applications

  • Process frame for epitaxial growth of thin films at elevated temperatures up to 1000C
  • Glancing Angle deposition by evaporation or sputtering
  • Dynamic in-situ feedback control by PEM or RGA in reactive sputtering
  • HiPIMS sputtering for highly ionised deposition
  • Remote Plasma Sputtering
  • RF/DC bias option
  • Market leading process software technology for accurate real time control of deposition

System highlights

  • Cassette-to-cassette (typical 10 pcs substrates, carriers or masks)
  • Individual recipe for each substrate or a batch recipe
  • Advanced high temperature PVD processing of non-standard semicon solutions
  • Multi magnetron chambers for true co-deposition
  • Automatic loading to single batch fixture
  • Bottom-up or top-down processing

Integrated Analytical Modules

    • In-situ during deposition or etch process
      • RHEED (Reflective High Energy Electron Diffraction ) for monitoring of epitaxial growth
      • PEM (Plasma Emission Monitoring) for dynamic regulation and control of stoichiometry in reactive sputtering processes
    • UHV analytical chamber connected to the cluster (analysis without breaking vacuum)
      • LEED (Low Energy Electron Diffration)
      • UPS (Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectroscopy)
      • XPS (X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy)
      • Other on request

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