Get to know our PhD researcher, Matilde!

– 29. March 2022

Matilde Kammer Sandager has been working as our PhD student since summer 2021, coming directly from her Master’s degree in Physics from Aalborg University.

“Hi everyone! My name is Matilde Kammer Sandager, and I am currently working as a PhD researcher for Polyteknik AS. I received a Master’s degree in Physics from Aalborg University in summer 2021, where I have made several projects for Polyteknik examining various thin film parameters. The expertise I acquired from my Master’s degree gave me excellent skills to continue working as a PhD researcher. My project concerns addressing the challenges related to production of high-quality metal-nitride thin films, especially AlN, AlScN, and TiN, used in the development of more effective power electronic devices.

We are investigating how individual sputtering parameters influence the growth mechanisms of metal-nitrides through a thorough characterization of samples produced under different sputtering conditions. Characterization methods include SEM, XRD, AFM, profilometry, SIMS, and ellipsometry, each providing unique information about the produced film. Our goal is to establish recipes for producing each material using the Flextura system, which can guarantee that we meet demands for both high quality films and production efficiency. I am grateful that Polyteknik decided to choose me as their PhD researcher, and I cannot wait to produce more well-founded research for them.”

Matilde will be present at PSE 2022 in Erfurt, where she will be presenting her work at the exhibition.

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