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ROLL-OUT – Roll-to-roll sputtering process development

– 27. April 2015
Polyteknik AS is participating in a brand new H2020 project known as ‘ROLL-OUT’, which is a partnership between various research institutes and private companies from Finland, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The project will focus on combining traditional roll-to-roll (R2R) compatible fabrication technologies such as printing with unique R2R sputtering, ALD and heterogeneous integration for flexible, thin, large-area electronics applications.

The goal of the ROLL-OUT project is to create a multi-purpose technology for smart autonomous systems comprising of integrated circuits (based on metal-oxide thin-film transistors), sensors and electronics. They will be utilized in advancing the packaging, automotive interiors and textile industries beyond their traditional scope, with the key features being high-performance circuits and components.

The project is funded to the tune of EUR 3.66M by European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020/2014-2020) under grant agreement n° 644631 (ROLL-OUT).

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