• Polyteknik AS PVD system thin film Cryofox Web Coater coating service


Polyteknik AS PVD system thin film Cryofox Web Coater coating service


The engineering and process team at Polyteknik AS are ready to take care of your non-standard coating challenge. We possess more than 10 years of experience with roll-to-roll sputtering processes including turnkey system deliveries, various proof of concept projects and funded European projects like Roll-OUT. This ensures specialised knowledge within the up-scaling of advanced deposition processes – ensuring high reliability, high quality and optimised throughput of the production line. Typically, it starts with coating development on small scale in-house proof-of-concept systems, which ensures good results in upscaling to final products.

Turnkey systems

Challenging coating jobs where solutions have been realised count among other turnkey systems like roll-to-roll processing of silicone foil, internal coating of 3m long ceramic tubes, multilayer absorber coating externally on 3m long stainless steel tubes, and coating on powders.

  • From proof-of-concept to volume production
  • Roll-to-roll (batch or air-to-air)
  • Tube coating (internal and external)
  • Integration of in-situ analysis for dynamic process control
  • Process verification and characterisation


With the benefits of high-throughput and possibility to customise, a roll-to-roll coating system is perfect for coating films, webs and foils tailored exactly to your needs. 

  • Modular roll-to-roll platform
  • Linear or drum design
  • Substrates: Metals, polymers, textiles etc.
  • Special substrate: Silicone web
  • Foil width: 40-1200mm
  • Transparent conductive oxides
  • Metallisation, electrode layers
  • Semiconducting oxides

Tube coating

  • Multilayer optical absorber coating
  • Up to 3m tubes – variable diameter
  • Automated process
  • Internal tube coaters
  • Accelerator and synchrotron components
    • Up to 3m tubes

Interested in a custom system fitting your requirements?
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