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Join us at Connecting Heterogeneous Systems Summit 2021

– 10. June 2021

This year, 3D & Systems Summit and MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit will take place virtually, and co-located. 

The summit brings together industry experts from the entire 3D & Systems and packaging and, MEMS/imaging/sensor value chain to discuss the latest advancements in Heterogeneous Integration and sensing technology driving innovation in high end applications.

Polyteknik AS is proud event sponsor at Connecting Heterogeneous Systems Summit 1-3th of September 2021. 

Join us to learn more about our specialty processes including volume production by GLAD/OAD (glancing angle deposition/oblique angle deposition), high quality c-axis oriented AlN sputtering, very high uniformity sheet resistance of IGZO and NbTiN layers on up to 300mm wafers

Psst… You don’t have to wait – reach out to Christian Kjelde – ck@polyteknik.dk – +45 5183 8870

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