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Cassette-to-cassette evaporation and GLAD* processing

– 6. November 2019
GLAD Process Module

Polyteknik AS introduces an advanced ebeam evaporation module for the Flextura PVD platform. The specific module is developed for production scale glancing angle deposition (GLAD) and is the first commercially available fully automated GLAD tool for cassette-to-cassette processing of 200mm wafers.

The base transfer and loading module is the standard Flextura platform – meaning a cleanroom interface for standard cassette loading. Behind the cleanroom wall the “magic” takes place…

It is a single wafer process module including an electrostatic chuck (ESC) with backside gas cooling and a special protection ring for the wafer edge. The chuck is placed on a moving stage that can both rotate (0-40 rpm) and tilt (0-180°) the substrate during deposition – providing you with the full package for exploring the GLAD parameters and creating the desired film properties. To increase throughput, it is equipped with a special engineered 12x60cc crucible.

The module however also brings several benefits for more traditional ebeam evaporation processes like multilayer metallization and lift-off processes. Due to the automated handling directly from cassette it is fully compliant with strict CMOS cleanroom conditions and loading of wafers is well known to any operator. The cassette loading, a very small footprint combined with efficient backside gas cooling makes is an excellent choice also for medium volume liftoff processes.

ESC with backside gas, 360 degree rotation, 0-180 degree tilt

As an alternative to the single wafer GLAD process module we offer a batch process (5pcs 200mm wafers). Connected to the Flextura PVD Cluster is a very cost effective solution for a cassette-to-cassette evaporation process with an absolute minimum footprint.

More Information:

Christian Kjelde
International Sales Manager
Polyteknik AS
T: +45 5183 8870
E: ck@polyteknik.dk
W: www.polyteknik.com

*GLAD: Glancing angle deposition (GLAD) is a process where deposition, typically evaporation, is done under a controlled/varied angle while rotating the wafer. Depending on materials and process conditions a number of different and well-controlled nanostructures can be achieved, the structures can have zig-zig, helices, spring- or rod-like forms. This provides possibilities for creating thin film layers with very unique properties for use in especially MEMS, imaging and sensor applications.

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