R&D Projects

Polyteknik AS is an innovative technology based company – experienced with costumer R&D projects and with a strong focus on continuous development. Participating in research and innovation projects with universities and technical institutes ensures a continuously updated knowledge within state-of-the technology and process advances.
Experienced and highly skilled personnel ensure that the outcome is anchored in the company to benefit existing and future costumer projects.A few examples of R&D projects:

SmartCoating – Large area AZO coatings as replacement for ITO on windows (No more dewed windows)
ROLL-OUT – Development of Roll to Roll sputtering processes for large area electronics
THINC – Thin-film solar cell based on nanocrystalline silicon and structured backside reflectors
In-line CSP – Development of pioneering multilayer absorber coating with high corrosion resistance for CSP absorber tubes.
Octopus – The European Nano Imprint Factory – nanoprocesses, production and business.
Vacuum DLC – Development of deposition equipment and processes for future low-friction coatings for vacuum and space applications.
DEAP – Optimization and development of coating processes and systems for piezoelectric based applications.