Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD)

The simple definition of glancing angle deposition (sometimes referred to as obliged angle deposition) is deposition under an angle during rotation. It is mainly used in evaporation processes, but sometimes also in sputtering processes.

First fully automated glancing angle deposition system was delivered by Polyteknik AS in 2011, the system was developed for R&D on 100mm substrates and is still a workhorse in the clean room facilities of iNano at Aarhus University. Here you can load .csv file (function) with coordinates for angle and rotation in steps of 0.1s, which almost leaves it to the imagination of the user to decide the complexity of the motion. Furthermore this systems can vary the source-to-subtrate distance from 250 to 780mm – being a really versatile development tool. Get in contact if you ant to explore GLAD in a proof-of-concept study.

The experience from the system in Aarhus were in 2018 transferred to a system for volume production. An industrial concept for glancing angle deposition on 200mm wafers has been developed and manufactured based on our Flextura PVD platform. This mean that it is capable of fully automated processing directly from a standard SEMI cassette in our Flextura Cluster tool, where the Brooks Mag7s secures a reliable handing of the wafers.

The module is compatible with standard top-down processes due to smart design of the GLAD substrate stage/chuck. ESC with backside gas cooling is a useful option already implemented.

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