Dynamic in-situ Process Control

Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM)

By smart integration of PEM in the Cryosoft3 control software we are able to control stoichiometry and optimise deposition rate in reactive processes. PEM delivers a fast dynamic in-situ feedback to our control system which fast and precise regulate deposition parameters to ensure optimum conditions.

A challenging example: Deposition of a multilayer optical solar absorber coating – Multilayers including stoichiometry sensitive layers of TiAlN and TiAlON were successfully controlled with PEM to deliver repeatable optical properties

Residual Gas Analyser (RGA)

Besides being a very useful tool for pre-process, vacuum control and fault diagnostics, the RGA can be used for controlling reactive processes. With a fast in-situ dynamic feedback loop we accurately control the partial pressure of the reactive gases to regulate the gas flow. No need to state that it is naturally fully integrated into the Cryosoft3 control software.