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Metallization of Piezoelectric electrodes
With a thin film metallized electrode coating from Polyteknik the piezo electrode is consistent and have reliable electrical connection.

Polyteknik is offering DC/RF sputtering of noble metal and alloys as Silver, Gold, Titanium, Nickel, CupperNickel, and other materials on all types of piezo material.

The thickness of the thin film coated electrode can be in the range of some hundred nanometers and up to 2-3 µm.

Typical Piezo electrode Patterns are: Solid pattern, Wrap-around, Side Tab, or Insulation band pattern but we also do custom designed patterns.

CASE: Coating of piezo electrode - for use in application for condition monitoring
The piezo part is going to be used in an accelerometer used for Condition Monitoring. Condition monitoring systems automatically detect and diagnose critical machine faults at an early stage using vibration, process and performance information, so maintenance can be cost-effectively planned ahead. 
Most important customer requirement: 
The piezo has to have a electrode on both sides and marking of one side for recognition. Both ID and OD should be masked. 
Polyteknik do Cr/Ag coating on both sides and a gold flash on one side for marking it. The masking of ID and OD is done by special tooling. 
Customer benefits: 
The customer obtains a piezo electrode masked as required – no metallization on ID and OD and a electrode as required of R/Ag and one side with Au flash for recognition.