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EmiNit 2947 Coating
EmiNit 2947 is a high performance conductive coating that provides premium shielding performance for electromagnetic interference.

EmiNit2947 coating is ideal for use on electronic enclosures and assemblies which require high level, reliable EMI shielding performance.

The electrical conductivity of the EmiNit2947 coating is superior for Electromagnetic compatibility.

EMINit2947 coating consist of a primer layer of copper and a top layer of silver. Standard thickness of coating is 2-2.5 µm. Other thicknesses upon request.

EMINit2947 has superior adhesion to plastics types like ABS, ABS+PC, PC, PA6, PETP. See data sheet for further information.

Our EMC coatings will always be optimized due to specific customer requirements.

EMINit2947 conductive coating provides superior performance for a variety of applications, including:

- Superior EMI shielding performance at standard thickness and application
- Excellent electrical conductivity resulting in excellent EMI shielding
- Excellent adhesion characteristics to a veriety of substrates

CASE: EMC coating of DC current transducer housings
DC current transducer  
Most important customer requirement: 
The DC current transducer housing must be EMC compatible and masked according to customer requirements. 
EMC coating EMINit2947 which has very high EMI shielding performance and excellent adhesion performance to the housing material. 
Customer benefit: 
The customer obtains a transducer housing that has excellent EMI shielding performance and with the required masking of housing. 

CASE: EMC coating of Photoelectric sensor
Carlo Gavazzi is manufacturing Photoelectric sensor that is especially designed for Elevators, Escalators, and Entrance control to meet the requirements in the door market.

Most important customer requirement:
The sensor housing must be EMI shielded inside to avoid ingoing electromegnetic transmission.
Good adhesion to polycarboante material of which the sensor housing is made.
No coating on lens.

EMC coating EMINit2947 with very good adhesion to PC material, and masking of part as required.

Customer benefit:
The customer obtains sensor housing with an optimum shielding performance as required.

EMINit2947 coating Thickness
1.5-2.5 µm
EMINit2947 Coating resistance
0.05-1.5 ohm/inch (point to point)