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Al-coating for high temp. operation reflectors
This aluminium based high reflective coating with an advanced protective ceramic top coating, has shown outstanding properties in the industri of stage and architectural lighting equipment.
The aluminium layer is providing the high reflection across the visible spectrum, and the transparant ceramic protective top layer is adding the outstanding performance of reflection by operation at elevated temperature.
The coating layer stack is manufactured by a sputtering PVD-process, and the optical properties is measured and quality controlled by an advanced in-house FTIR equipment.
  • High reflection (+85%) across the visible spectrum
  • Contious operation at 200°C reflector temperature
  • Withstands the environmental impact from theatrical fog (artificial scene-smoke)
  • Very good adhesion can be optained to metallic reflector substrates


Operating temperature
-20°C to +200°C
Reflection, VIS-range
+85%, 380 - 780 nm range, see attached spectrum
Reflection, IR-range
+90%, 780 nm to 25 µm range, spectrum on request
Reflector substrate material
Light-metal alloys, glass, others on request
Dimensions, max: WxLxD
300x600x60 mm