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Cryofox Division
Polyteknik is an experienced supplier of high tech equipment for PVD and PECVD thin film deposition and specialises in production and development of advanced deposition solutions.

The systems are usually dellivered to high tech institutes and companies, typically within the business and acitivity fields of:
- MEMS fabrication
- Sensor fabrication
- TEM Thermo Electric Modules
- Battery and storage activities
- Solar PV R/D acitivities
- Solar CSP R/D and fabrication
- Piezo sensors and actuators
- Roll-to-Roll r/d and production
- Special applications

Our deposition systems are based on high quality standard platforms and the easy-to-use Cryosoft3 software for higly advanced processing and datalogging. The advanced processes are typically developed in close cooperation with our customers.
Polyteknik is a trusted supplier of depostion technology and we are proudly announcing that we have an almost global reference list.