Tornado Compact LAB


Tornado Compact LAB is a compact deposition system – a real lab workhorse, and due to the easy access, easy operation, and the high process repeatability, it is a preferred tool for both the young student, and the experienced scientist.

Tornado 405 Sputtering

  • Up to 5 pcs 2-3” magnetrons
  • Up to 3 pcs 4” magnetrons
  • DC, pDC, RF, HiPIMS
  • Single target or multi target co-deposition

Tornado 405 Thermal Evaporator

  • Five thermal evaporators (flexible boat size)
  • Two power supplies for sequential or co-evaporation

Tornado 306 Ebeam

  • Metallization
  • Lift-off processes
  • Optionally combined with thermal evaporator

Single substrate stage

  • Continuous 360° or indexed rotation
  • Backside resistive heating up to 400°C
  • Water cooled substrate stage with tilt (+/-45deg)
  • Single substrate load lock
  • Typical substrate size up to 4” (100mm)
  • RF/DC Bias feeding

Batch substrate fixture

  • Max diameter 300mm
  • Wafer capacity: 8×3” (76,2mm), 5×4” (100mm)
  • RF/DC Bias feeding

Application examples

  • General thin film R&D
  • Photovoltaic
  • Multilayer ohmic contacts
  • Oxide and nitride coatings
  • Graded cermet layers
  • Metal coatings for electrodes
  • Hydrophobic or hydrophilic ceramic layers