Flextura PVD Module

Flextura PVD module

Looking for an evaporator, sputter or combinations for flexible high quality research involving thin film deposition, then the Flextura module could be the right solution.

You can run it as a batch system, with a single substrate load lock, or plug it to our Flextura R&D cluster platform. With other words you can start from a highly flexible standalone system, add additional processes and analytics to bring your thin film research to new heights. Save valuable clean room space and automate your deposition processes without compromising flexibility. The upgradeability to a Flextura R&D cluster platform provide more high quality research by easy systematic scanning of process parameters, multi-process thin films and integrated analytics,  just to mention a few of the obvious future benefits.

Prefer independent deposition systems, then the Flextura PVD modules in combination with a our single substrate load lock are a great versatile high quality tool. Most R&D systems are operating with 100mm substrates or even smaller pieces in universal carriers, it is though possible to handle up to 200mm substrates.


  • Sputtering of both conducting and non-conducting materials
  • Evaporation by electron beam or thermal evaporators
    • Metallization, multilayer dielectrics etc.
    • Lift-off proces compatible
  • Plasma cleaning by RF etch, glow discharge or ion gun


  • Synchronised or delayed synchronisation of bias with respect to HiPIMS pulse
    • Higher aspect ratio coating
    • Layer property tuning
    • Utilise the time dependant variation in ionisation of the different species
  • Glancing angle deposition stage
    • Fully automated 360° rotation and 0-90° tilt (programmable sequence)
    • Water cooled
  • High temperature deposition stage up 1000°C
    • Epitaxial growth
    • Oxygen resistant heating element
    • High temperature uniformity
    • Continuous or indexed 360° rotation
  • Linear programmable substrate shutter
    • Graded thicknesses
    • Multiple samples with individual recipe on one carrier
  • Special tooling for arbitrary or non-flat substrates
  • RHEED for in-situ epitaxial growth monitoring