Explorer PVD Platform

The Explorer platform series covers a range of split chamber systems with a number of benefits counting among other very flexible and easy substrate loading/mounting, separated process and loading chamber, fast pump down (load lock benefits).
A valuable tool for development or pilot line to medium volume production.
The platform has existed for more than 10 years – now in a new updated design!

Explorer 600

A very generic R&D system at a price. Placed at a number of universities in a configuration combining e-beam with an RF and a DC magnetron and a cooled substrate stage for 100mm substrates or any smaller pieces

Explorer GLAD

The Explorer GLAD is a split chamber deposition unit equipped with a multi pocket electron beam evaporator and an optional ion gun source. A two axis substrate carrier is able to precisely position the sample during the deposition. In this way, three dimensional ordered arrays of nanostructures of various materials can be deposited. Post oxidation of the individual layers can be done by plasma treatment set up directly in the software.

• The substrate holders can carry either a 4-inch wafer, or universal multi sample holder.
• Motorized rotation (360°, unlimited rotation) of substrate holder around α-axis , variable speed 0-20 rpm.
• Motorized tilt action of head for glanced angle deposition, 0 – 90° tilt
• Rotation and tilt function can run simultaneously
• Motorized vertical movement of GLAD-head – adjustment of substrate to source distance, 100 mm.

GLAD has scaled to volume production on 200mm substrates in our Flextura platform.

Explorer 700

• Short pump down for a batch process
• No oxidation of sensitive target or evaporation material

• Multiple process combinations
o Ebeam evaporation
o Thermal evaporation
o Sputtering
o Griddles ion source (IBAD)

• Standard batch capacity
o 6 pcs 150mm wafers
o 8 pcs 100mm wafers
o 40 pcs 50mm wafers