Infinity PVD Systems


The Polyteknik Infinity is a deposition concept with numerous benefits. The system is a modular system comprised of minimum one process chamber and a load lock. The substrates are mounted in a moving vertical fixture and optionallly sputtered from both sides by linear magnetrons. Short pump down times, high uniformity coatings, limited pinhole defects, high volume manufacturing, just to mention a few benefits. Furthermore it is upgradable to an inline system with several process modules.

  • Vertical sputtering
  • High throughput
  • Modular design
  • Reactive sputtering
  • DC/RF/Bipolar/HiPIMS
  • Up to 6 linear magnetrons
  • Dual side sputtering

Typical application areas:

  • Sheet coating (standard up to 650 x 650mm)
  • Sheet coating (extended up to 650 x 3000mm)
  • Sheet coating (custom size)
  • MEMS and Piezo sensor fabrication
  • AR and high reflective mirror coatings
  • Battery, Fuel cell and TEG production
  • Solar absorbers