Flextura Sputter

Flextura Sputter

The Flextura Sputter Module was originally designed with flexibility and medium volume sputtering processes in mind. Meaning multiple smaller targets to limit the capital binding in noble target materials. The typical application could be as a batch process, but the compatibility with the Flextura Cluster platform also opens to upgrade to a fully automated cassette-to-cassette operation following an increasing need of capacity.

The Sputter modules of the Flextura PVD platform handles sputtering processes from standard metallisation or electrode layers to reactive sputtering of highly c-axis oriented and low stress AlN, TCO’s or even ternary alloys.

  • Wide range of processes: DC, Pulsed DC, HiPIMS, RF and MF
  • Sputtering of metals, dielectrics, oxides and nitrides
  • High quality, high uniformity layers
  • Scalable capacity from medium to high volume production for lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Very small footprint and a clean design
  • Strong reliable 24/7 production tools
  • Fully automated process control with advanced data logging
  • SECS/GEM, MES integration optional

Advanced process control:

  • High Pressure RGA for dynamic in-situ regulation in reactive sputtering process.
  • Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM) for in-situ dynamic regulation of flow or power to achieve controlled stoichiometry, and deposition rate in especially reactive sputtering processes.
  • OTM (Optical Thickness Monitor)
    • With automatic in-situ re-optimisation for use in optical coating.

You may also consider our Discovery Systems – a pure batch coater system with dual side sputtering option!