Flextura Evaporator

Flextura Evaporator

The Flextura Evaporator covers a range of evaporation process and combinations here of including e-beam, resistive evaporation as well as ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD). Though not well known as a process in connection with a cluster tool, the Flextura evaporation modules can be connected to the Flextura Cluster platform for single substrate processing of advanced processes like high temperature epitaxial growth (still mainly R&D), or production of GLAD films – directly from cassette.

The Evaporator modules are perfect for very high uniformity depositions in SAW/BAW devices, metallisation processes in semiconductor, LED and MEMS production as well as deposition of metals and dielectrics in optoelectronics. Extended throw option for high volume lift-off processes.

Flexibility and reliability is the key!

  • New clean design and smaller footprint
  • Various processes:
    • E-beam – single or dual – multi pocket sources
    • Thermal evaporation
    • E-beam + Thermal evaporators
    • Ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD)
  • High quality, high uniformity layers
  • Scalable capacity from medium to high volume production for lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Strong reliable 24/7 production tools
  • Fully automated process control with advanced data logging
  • SECS/GEM, MES integration optional

Advanced process control:

  • RGA for process control and dynamic in-situ regulation in reactive sputtering process
  • OTM (Optical Thickness Monitor)
  • Broad band optical monitoring with automatic dynamic in-situ re-optimisation for use in optical coatings.