Flextura Cluster

Flextura Cluster

The Flextura Cluster platform is unveiling a new way of modular thinking of PVD systems – Flexible production and prepared for the future.

Volume Production Applications

  • High yield production by PVD: Metallisation, TCOs, AlN, optical reflectors and absorbers.
  • Proven reliable wafer handling by Brooks MAG7 robot
  • Cassette-to-cassette, wafer slot integrity, Wafer mapping
  • Advanced high temperature PVD processing of non-standard semicon solutions
  • Multi magnetron chambers for true co-deposition
  • Automatic loading to batch fixture
  • Bottom-up or top-down processing
  • SEGS/GEM Interface option

Special Applications

  •  Process frame for epitaxial growth of thin films at elevated temperatures up to 1000°C
  •  Glancing Angle deposition at wafers in mass production scale
  •  Dynamic in-situ feedback control by PEM or RGA in reactive sputtering
  •  HiPIMS sputtering for highly ionised deposition
  •  Electrostic chuck (ESC) with backside gas for substrate cooling or heating, RF/DC bias option.
  •  Market leading process software technology for accurate real time control of deposition.

General Process Modules:

  • HiPIMS sputtering (highly ionised) chamber
    • High aspect ratio metallisation
    • Layer property tuning
  • Direct magnetron sputtering (DC, RF and pDC)
  • Multi-magnetron chamber (Co-sputtering)
  • Ebeam evaporation
  • RF/ICP etch, degass, cooling, alignment station
  • Single wafer or batch processing directly from cassette to casette

Specific Process Modules:

  • M600 GLAD Module – Glancing angle deposition by ebeam evaporation in a fully automated CMOS compatible tool for processing of up to 200mm wafers from cassette
  • M500 EPI Module – Epitaxial growth sputtering module
    • Proven low stress & highly c-axis oriented AlN process
    • A large parameter room for new materials with substrate temperatures up to 1000°C
  • M700 LS Module – Superior sheet resistance uniformities for metal oxides & nitrides

Flexible investment – scalable capacity

The Flextura PVD platform is truly almost Plug&Play and you may add process modules as your need for capacity or new processes increase. The modules function as stand alone units – see Flextura Sputter or Flextura Evaporator – which may be connected to a Flextura PVD Cluster.

The Flextura way of thinking is giving you the possibility to let the capital investment follow increasing demands of your facility.