The Discovery platform is a box coater type of deposition system with great flexibility with regards to processes, throughput and substrate handling. It has many years of proven 24/7 production within deposition of electrodes and barrier layers. Sputter sources can be mounted from both top and bottom in the chamber and the substrate fixture/plate is mounted in the retractable door (drawer) with rotation around the z-axis. Possibility of dual side sputtering is a rather unique feature which is highly beneficial with respect to e.g. wrap-around electrodes in volume production of QCM biosensors, through hole electrode coating


  • Single or dual side sputtering
  • DC, RF, pDC or HiPIMS
  • Typical configuration: 2-8 magnetrons (depending on size and need)
  • Plasma cleaning
  • Single or multilayer deposition without breaking vacuum

Application and capacity:

  • Versatile development tool and medium volume production tool
  • Fantastic for non-wafer based sputtering applications
  • Proven volume production of QCM biosensors, biomedical electrodes.
  • Medium volume EMI-on-package shielding (e.g. multilayer SS-Cu-SS coating)
  • Substrate plate or fixture up to Ø500 mm
  • Smart fixture system designed for dual side sputtering with built-in custom masking for electrode deposition.

Interested in an upgrade of your existing Discovery PVD system?

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