Flextura PVD 200 GLAD

World leading Glancing Angle Deposition system

The Flextura PVD 200 GLAD Module is a production proven glancing angle evaporation module for industry scale volumes with fully automated substrate handling from cassette.

Fully compatible with standard top-down processing ensuring fast and direct integration with complementary processes like degass, etch or sputtering.

Substrates:Proven up to 200mm diameter
GLAD parametersRotation: 0-40 rpm, Tilt: 0-180°, resolution 0.1°
GLAD StageWater cooling, ESC or Pneumatic chuck
Ion beam sourceOptional
DepositionEbeam Thermal
Base pressure< 5E-8 mbar with TMP
Long Term Operation optionsSpecial Ebeam crucible with 12x60cc pockets Automatic pellet feeder option
InterfacesSECS/GEM, MES Direct SQL server logging
Configurations:Module with single substrate or cassette load lock. Flextura cluster system with up to 3 GLAD modules + degass/etch.

Production proven platform! Proof of concept or contract R&D available on 100mm

Sensors, MEMS, Nanostructures