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Mechanical Design Engineer
We are looking for a skilled colleague to join our team for mechancial design of advanced PVD systems.

Job description only in Danish.

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Innovative Coatings for Beam Line Applications

SEMICON EUROPA 2017, Münich, Germany, Date: 14-17 Nov 2017 - Contact Polyteknik for a free voucher
Meet us at SEMICON EUROPA 2017 - part of Productronica - contact Polyteknik for a free voucher

IPAC 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark, Date: 14-19 May 2017
Meet us at booth 28 & 29 at the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference. This time held in Copenhagen from 14-19th of May.

Learn more about:
Our special coating systems for internal coating of tubes up to 3 meter in lenght.
Custom designed high emissitivity coatings for vacuum cooling
High resistivity coating with low secondary electron yield (SEY)
Unique experince and costing systems for highly uniform internal coating of kicker chambers

We look forward to present and dicuss our capabilities within vacuum and thin film coating.
IPAC 2017

Semicon Europe 2016, Grenoble, France, Date: 25-27 Oct 2016
Meet Polyteknik AS at Europes largest event for the Semicon Industry. The tradition continues and we are looking very much forward to meet new and existing customers and suppliers in Grenoble.
We bring new process developments around high temperature deposition (substrate temperature up to 1000C) and experience on HiPIMS for high aspect ratio sputtering.

Drop by booth 230, join Jens and Christian for a cup of coffee and lets discuss from there.

Looking forward to see you!

Free registration using our promo code: SCEU-DrSrj

Get updated! - Meet us 13-16th of September at PSE 2016 & MEMS SUMMIT
From 13-16th of September we will be presenting our competences within plasma and thin films focussing on our latest developments on high temperature deposition and large area HiPIMS.

Starting at PSE2016 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on 13-14th of September with an update on industrial and academic advances within plasma surface engineering.

Continuing at MEMS SUMMIT in Stuttgart on 15-16th of September – Internet of Things and automotive electronics among the main drivers of European MEMS.

Looking forward to meet you there!

European MEMS Summit, Stuttgart, Germany, Date: 15-16 sept 2016
Join us at the European MEMS Summit 2016 organised by SEMI. Polyteknik AS participates and exhibit during the summit.
Please join us for a dicussion about your needs within thin film deposition solutions.

European MEMS Summit 2016

PSE 2016, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Date: 13-14 Sep 2016
MEET US AT PSE 2016 - We look forward to see you!

PSE 2016 will be dedicated to “Plasma, Surface and Mobility”. The importance of plasma on the modification of materials surfaces and their impact on the diversity of areas of mobility such as transportation, low CO2 emission, improved engines efficiency or quality of life, will be enhanced in many scientific and technological contributions allocated to the conference topics.
PSE 2016

Polyteknik AS at the MIIFED-IBF2016 in Monaco
This year, Polyteknik AS was the only Danish company participating at the Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days and ITER Business Forum. It took place between the 8th – 10th of February, and was visited by more than 500 participants from 26 countries. The program offered a wide variety of very interesting presentations, BtB meetings and time to network.
The stand of Polyteknik AS was well visited, and good dialogues were initiated about new projects, where the special qualifications and knowhow of Polyteknik AS is of potentiel interest to the ITER project.

The danish Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) to ITER and F4E, Søren Bang Korsholm from BigScience.dk, was also a much appreciated help in identifying and introducing us to new relevant contacts within the organizations.

New projects, new possibilities, the right contacts matched with the right competences is a positive first result of our participation, placing Polyteknik AS in a good position for a continued and constructive dialogue with the ITER stakeholders in the coming months.

Newsletter - December 2015
In this edition, you will find a short review of the interesting days we had at Semicon Europe 2015 presenting our latest PVD system, the Cryofox Infinity VB, which offers many advantages because of the vertical sputtering set-up.

You will also be introduced to the new product in our range of components. Developed and patented by Polyteknik AS, our superior magnetron sources have been designed to offer a target change in less than 2 minutes in combination with superior target cooling.Thus offering you the fastest target change on the market today, we hope you will seize the opportunity and make the most of our special December offer.

And we will of course also keep you in the loop regarding the latest achievements regarding our long-term project at the Paranal site of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile.

We hope you will enjoy reading.

Read the complete newsletter here

Cryofox Sputtering Magnetrons - Circular or Linear - Superior target cooling
Polyteknik has developed a new range of sputtering magnetrons with high target utilazation and superior target cooling. The circular magnetrons are available in sizes from 2-8 inch diameter and liniar or custom designed magnetrons up to 4 meters in length have been designed, manufactured and installed.

Inhouse competences design, engineer and perform advanced magnetic field calculations to optimise the magnetrons.

• High substrate film thickness uniformity
• Superior target cooling using directly cooled copper cathodes
• Small footprint (mounts on KF, ISO or installs thru a quick coupler)
• Large operational window from 1x10-3 millibar to 1x10-1 millibar.
• No mechanical target clamping
• Easy to service and maintain
• Provides high magnetic flux density at target surface
• Easy connection of power and cooling through quick connectors
• Fast change of target without breaking cooling water circuit

• Balanced/un-balanced magnet setup
• Tiltable
• HV or UHV compatible
• Bakeable on request

Detalied information and Contact Information

Newsletter - September 2015

It has been a busy summer for Polyteknik AS with interesting projects in both Europe and the rest of the world. In this edition, we have selected a few in order to show not only the diversity of our activities but also to which extent Polyteknik AS today works on a global scale.

You will find a short presentation of the installation of one of our more refined PVD systems, the Cryofox Cluster UHV6, at the Technical University of Delft in Holland. Information about the fascinating assignment that requires a Polyteknik AS team workin on site in Chile. And news from POLYCSP ApS presenting strong results on solar absorber tubes

The international dimension is also noticeable at our Subcon division, where we have seen an increase in the number of requests for demanding functional coatings from a majority of international clients.

And much more, which we hope you will enjoy reading.

Read the complete newsletter here

SEMICON Europa 2015, Dresden, Germany, Date 6-8th October 2015
Come and meet us at Semicon Europe in 2015 in Dresden, Germany. This is an excellent opportunity to see and discuss the latest news from Polyteknik and the Semicon business industry. During the years, we have made it a tradition to participate at the Semicon Europe, and we will appreciate to meet you there again.


Register online now and get free entrance ticket using our registration code: eQXYN

Semicon Europe 2015

Cooling water management
To extent our line of auxiliary equipment, we are glad to introduce our new combined heat exchanger and pumping unit for cooling water management. The unit is including following major components:
- Heat exchanger
- Pump (Grundfos)
- Particle filter
- Accumulator
- Pressure manometers
This unit is an obvious choice for local upgrading of existing cooling water systems, where a better water quality and stable pressure supply is required for delicate process equipment. The unit is available in different sizes, and can be configured specefic for your application.

Meeting at Polyteknik: Big Science - the unknown market. June 17, 2015 - 15.00-17.00
In collaboration with Danish Industry (Northern Jutland) and the Big Science Secretariat, Polyteknik invites to a meeting focusing on the many opportunities for Danish companies on the Big Science market.

Learn about Polyteknik's experience on the Big Science market and how the Big Science Secretariat can help enter this challenging market.
The meeting includes a guided tour at our manufacturing facilities, where you will have the chance to see both Big Science related production as well as our SubCon and Cryofox productions.

Time: June 17, 2015 - 15.00-17.00
Place:Moellegade 21, 9750 Oestervraa

Online Registration Here

ROLL-OUT - Roll-to-roll sputtering process development
Polyteknik AS is participating in a brand new H2020 project known as ‘ROLL-OUT’, which is a partnership between various research institutes and private companies from Finland, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The project will focus on combining traditional roll-to-roll (R2R) compatible fabrication technologies such as printing with unique R2R sputtering, ALD and heterogeneous integration for flexible, thin, large-area electronics applications.

The goal of the ROLL-OUT project is to create a multi-purpose technology for smart autonomous systems comprising of integrated circuits (based on metal-oxide thin-film transistors), sensors and electronics. They will be utilized in advancing the packaging, automotive interiors and textile industries beyond their traditional scope, with the key features being high-performance circuits and components.

The project is funded to the tune of EUR 3.66M by European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020/2014-2020) under grant agreement n° 644631 (ROLL-OUT).
Direct link to the project webpage

Polyteknik’s SubCon Coating division specializes in bespoke thin film solutions for a wide range of applications. One particular area of interest is the coating of ceramic kicker chambers used throughout Synchrotron & Linear Accelerators globally. Surrounded by large electro-magnets, the kicker chambers become charged during operation, resulting in a difference in surface resistivity causing irregular oscillations of the beam.

Polyteknik, through a specialized proprietary process under clean room conditions, have developed a method to apply a non-magnetic, highly uniform thin conducting coating to the
inner walls of the chambers. This enables a consistent resistance throughout the length of the chamber, therefore eliminating the undesired effects.

• Internal deposition
• Bespoke Thin Film Solutions
• High-Uniformity, Non-Magnetic Coatings
• Guaranteed Surface Resistivity
• Negates 'Charged' Internal Surfaces
• Eliminates Irregular Beam Oscillations
• Custom coatings on request
• Full material characterization

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Newsletter December 2014

Semicon China 2015, Shanghai, China, Date: 17-19th March 2015
Get fully updated on the lastest product and process news from Polyteknik. Meet our representative from Dymek at booth 2454 and 3715.

Read more

Semicon South East Asia 2015, Penang, Malaysia, Date: 22-24th April 2015
Get fully updated on the lastest product and process news from Polyteknik. Meet our representatives from Dymek
Read more

Optics Taiwan 2015, Taipei, Taiwan, Date: 16-18th June 2015
Learn more about Polyteknik and our system solution for the optics and optoelectronic industry. Meet our representatives from Dymek.
Optics Taiwan 2015

Semicon Taiwan 2015, Taipei, Taiwan, Date: 2-4th September 2015
Get fully updated on the lastest product and process news from Polyteknik. Meet our representatives from Dymek.

Semicon Taiwan 2015

International Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibtion 2015, Taipei, Taiwan, Date: 26-28th Oct 2015
Get fully updated on the lastest product and process news from Polyteknik. Meet our representatives from Dymek.
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ITER Business Forum 2015, Marseille, France, date: 25-27th March 2015
Meet our Big Science team at the danish bigscience booth at the ITER Business Forum 2015 or book a one-to-one meeting with us.

ITER Business Forum 2015

China International OLEDs Summit 2015, Shanghai, China, Date: 21-22nd january 2015
Come and meet us at China Internaional OLEDs Summit 2015. We present our newest developments and experience within thin film deposition in relation to OLED and OLET research.
China International OLEDs Summit 2015

Newsletter September 2014

Cryofox Explorer for solar cell research
An Energi Research Institute in Europe, has this September approved the site acceptance test of a Cryofox Explorer E-beam system for amorphous silicon R&D
A short video shows the loadlock function of the system.

click here to see the video.

Semicon Europe 2014, Grenoble, France, Date: 7-9 Oct 2014
Come and meet us the Semicon Europe in 2014 in Grenoble, France. This is an excellent opportunity to see and discuss the latest news from Polyteknik and the Semicon business industry. During the years, we have made it a tradition to participate at the Semicon Europe, and we will appreciate to meet you there.

Big Science networking day, Copenhagen, 16´th September, 2014
Join a very interesting networking day which is opened by
- Sofie Carsten Nielsen, Minister for Higher Educ. and Science.
Other speakers are:
- Henrik Bindslev, Director for Fusion for Energy,
- Charlotte Rønhof, Director, Confederation of Danish Industries,
- Jens William Larsen, CEO and founder of Polyteknik.

Download programme and invitation below


Analysis & Characterization Tools

Newsletter February 2014

Flextura PVD - Flexible Cluster tool for the semiconductor industry
With the Industrial Cluster 150/200 Polyteknik AS is introducing a multifunctional deposition tool offering unseen flexibility combined with high troughput capacity. The system is born with standard SEMI wafer handling, high quality subcomponents and can be equipped with standard sputtering modules as well as newly developed modules introducing new development opportunities.

The perfect tool for development or flexible production – directly up-scalable!

High temperature deposition chamber
- Substrate temperatures up to 1000 deg C
- Increased layer quality
- Epitaxial growth

HiPIMS sputtering (highly ionised) chamber
- High aspect ratio metallisation
- TSV Metallisation
- Layer property tuning
- DLC, TiN, Cr, Cu etc.

Direct magnetron sputtering (DC, RF and pDC)

Multi-magnetron chamber (Co-sputtering)

RF/ICP etch, degass, cooling, alignment station

Single wafer or batch processing directly from cassette to cassette

In-situ dynamic process control with software integrated feedback loop for stoichiometry control in especially reactive processes.
- Residual gas analyser (RGA)
- Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM)

Industrial Cluster 150/200