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POLYTEKNIK AS - World-class thin film technology

With almost twenty years in business, a global reference list, and an excellent platform of technology, Polyteknik AS has turned to be a highly appreciated partner in thin film business.

Our business activities is focussed on producing and supplying high quality services, components and technology systems in the working field of advanced thin film deposition.

The majority of our customers and collaboration partners are in the field of:
- Cleantech business
- Semicon and electronic business
- University- and research institutes

We have organized our sale of technology and services into four platforms:
- Cryofox Thin Film System Division
- Subcon Coating Division
- Vacuum System Service Division
- Big Science services and component Division

The facility
The Polyteknik AS facility of 2000 sqm is equipped with modern engineering software tools, an advanced nano- and micro characterization lab, and a new 120 sqm clean room facility for top level qualification and quality test of our thin film systems. With our location in the northern part of Denmark, we have obvious good relations to the two nearby universities, Aalborg University and Aarhus University.

CEO and owner, Jens William Larsen (M.Sc.) founded Polyteknik AS in 1995. During the years, we have developed from a local oriented supplier of thin film deposition service, to an international working supplier of thin film systems and services. Today, not far from the 20 years anniversary, Polyteknik AS is close to have reached a global presentation, as most major markets are represented by local distributors.

In the period from 1995 to 2005 the business area was covering thin film job coating and manufacturing of general industrial machines for local customers.
From 2005 to present all activities are concentrated on business related to thin film deposition and vacuum technology.
In 2006 the strategic decision was taken to establish the product range and brand of Cryofox Thin Film systems.

Spin-out of solar CSP activities
In 2013, the company POLYCSP was established as a spin-out from Polyteknik AS. POLYCSP is focusing on production of high efficient and advanced absorber tubes for CSP process heat generation.
The core technology of PolyCSP is based on a sophisticated absorber layerstack production setup, and outstanding performance of the absorber tubes.

The target market for the advanced absorber tubes is the CSP system builders and integrators.

Visit also www.polycsp.com for more information.

Ownership and Board
The company is a shareholding company, and is owned by the founder, Mr. Jens William Larsen.

Mr. Karsten Ries (Chairman)
Mr. Peter Møller
Mr. Jens William Larsen