Quality and Characterisation Lab

Quality and Characterisation Lab

Quality is of utmost importance for our customers and us. Dealing with deposition of layers a few nanometers thick, the process parameters are of great importance to the quality of the resultant coating. Frequent analyses of produced coatings are necessary for maintaining high quality coatings with accurate properties. When developing processes for individual costumers, analysis tools of high accuracy are of highest importance.

The quality and characterization lab is equipped with a series of tools for analysis and characterization of the deposited coatings.

  • X-RAY Fluoroscence – thickness measurements of layer stacks and material composition analysis.
  • Spectral Ellipsometer – thickness and optical surface characterization.
  • Profilometer (Bruker Dektak XT) – thickness, uniformity, and stress measurement of coatings.
  • FT-IR (Bruker Vertex 70) – surface material characterisation and optical properties.
  • Four Point Probe station – resistivity measurements
  • Corrosion tests and conductivity measurements.

If the surface morphology of the coated product is of interest we have access to both regular scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and SEMs equipped with focused ion beam (FIB) column and EDX equipment for vertical analysis of interfaces, thickness’, and local material composition.

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