Ideal for lift-off because of low incident angle.
Low pressure process

E-beam evaporation is a process similar to thermal evaporation i.e. a source material is heated above its boiling/sublimation temperature and evaporated to form a film on the surfaces that is stroke by the evaporated atoms. This evaporation method has just like thermal evaporation a pore ability to cover steps which also makes this method ideal for lift-off processes. A noticeable advantage of e-beam evaporation over thermal evaporation is the possibility to add a larger amount of energy into the source material. This yields a higher density film with an increased adhesion to the substrate. Because the electron beam only heats the source material and not the entire crucible, a lower degree of contamination from the crucible will be present than in the case of thermal evaporation. By using a multiple crucible E-beam gun, several different materials can be deposited without breaking the vacuum.

The E-beam evaporation process:
With the source material placed in the crucible a filament below the crucible is heated. By applying a large voltage, electrons are drawn from the filament and focused as a beam on the source material by several bending magnets. The beam is swept across the surface of the source material to heat all of the material.
E-Beam Evaporation E-beam evaporation

E-Beam Evaporation Evaporation setup