Flextura PVD – Flexible Cluster tool for the semiconductor industry

With the Flextura Cluster 200, Polyteknik AS is introducing a multifunctional deposition tool offering unseen flexibility combined with high troughput capacity. The system is born with standard SEMI wafer handling, high quality subcomponents and can be equipped with standard sputtering modules as well as newly developed modules introducing new development opportunities.

The perfect tool for development or flexible production – directly up-scalable!

High temperature deposition chamber

  • Substrate temperatures up to 1000 deg C
  • Increased layer quality
  • Epitaxial growth

HiPIMS sputtering (highly ionised) chamber

  • High aspect ratio metallisation
  • TSV Metallisation
  • Layer property tuning
  • DLC, TiN, Cr, Cu etc.

Direct magnetron sputtering (DC, RF and pDC)

Multi-magnetron chamber (Co-sputtering)

RF/ICP etch, degass, cooling, alignment station

Single wafer or batch processing directly from cassette to cassette

In-situ dynamic process control with software integrated feedback loop for stoichiometry control in especially reactive processes.
– Residual gas analyser (RGA)
– Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM)